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The best facial treatments and their benefits

March 4, 2017 no comments Uncategorized

Facial treatments are essential to your overall health and have more benefit than what you think.  Below you will find a list of the best facial treatments, their benefits and customary prices. For more information call (210-) 509-6300 or visit us at Pricing   Glo Therapeutic Facial: $95 ($59 introductory price) Customized Organic Treatments: $105 […]

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Why Body Contouring?

February 24, 2017 no comments Uncategorized

  Why Body Contouring? Body contouring is a process that eliminates and reduces excessive skin and fat from the body. After a major weight loss, clients often complain of stubborn skin and fat sticking around long after they have slimmed down. By investing in regular body contouring procedures, our clients have seen an immediate reduction […]

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Detox you body without the hassle

February 7, 2017 no comments Uncategorized

Detoxifying with Body Wraps Over time, our bodies accumulate toxins in our fat cells. Our incredible body wraps use an all-natural process to extract those toxins and leave your body nourished, tightened and toned. Wraps are also the perfect way to help gastric bypass or lap band patients to tighten their flesh after losing large […]

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